Laurel Primary Open House

Welcome to the Grand Opening of Laurel Grove Primary school, home of the Pirates!

Every classroom features a desk and chair for each student, as well as a computer for those special class projects.

Each classroom has a wall of windows along with adequate space to prevent the usual stuffiness that sometimes come in a classroom.

The cafeteria features buffet-style dining, with the school colors as the prominent decor.

The cafeteria is spacious; it has an occupation capacity of over 20 students.

After eating lunch, students can take recess in the fully-equipment playground.

The school library is a welcome place for study sessions and school research.

The library has a healthy inventory of books, along with plenty of desks to study on.

The computer is state-of-the-art, with late-model computers. There will be no excuse for turning in assignments!

The pre-kindergarden and kindergarden have their own class, a spacious room that allows for “rug-time”.

And yes, there are plenty of toys as well!

Students will get plenty of physical activity in PE class. The campus includes a basketball court, as well as a soccer net.

The courtyard is popular among the teachers, for zen time during the day.

One of the most exciting curriculum offerings is the art classes. Laurel Grove offers painting and sculpting.

The icing on the cake is the auditorium. This theatre will hold plenty of assemblies and school plays.

Enrollment is already under way. The school years begins soon, so enroll your students as soon as possible. If you have any questions, feel free to stop by the principal’s office or submit your email inquiries at, ATTN: DEPT OF EDUCATION.

10 thoughts on “Laurel Primary Open House

  1. The school looks so nice. that’s a big project, and it seems like it is really well-made and functional, as well as looking so realistic.

    I like the rug in the preschool room!

  2. 10 points to anyone who can I guess where “rug time” came from. I have two toddlers at home, and it’s from one of their favorite shows. Hint: it’s a current show on PBS Kids.

  3. btw, I cannot take credit for most of the decorating. The lot came furnished and all I did was improve the wallpapers and some of the furnishing. Considering that I didn’t build it, it sure did take a long time to decorate.

    Next thing on my list is the high school, which is in the hood now, but I haven’t decorated it yet. I’ve already built my in-hood uni, but I cannot put up any pics yet, seeing as it hasn’t been built yet, according to the current timeline. Plus, the uni is named after a resident, for reasons to be revealed.

    Haha, I’m so out of order. I built the high school after the elementary and uni (although “construction” is still going on for it).

    Okay, my novel is done. 😉

      1. I’ve tried looking for this lot online, but cannot find it. Once I load up the game again, I’ll check the title and search for it again. If I still cannot find it, I’ll just email you a clean copy, if you really want it.

  4. Rugtime = Syd the Science Kid…

    What can I do with my points? 😉

    The lot looks great! I love the actual building and the inside is amazing too! The classrooms look great, and the computer area as well. I also really like the teacher office, the wallpaper in there is super fun.

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