Let yourself be free

Doris Richward (61)

Doris Richward is lost in thought. No, not lost. She’s enjoying the peace and quiet in her new place. She had been living with her daughter and granddaughter for seven years, until her daughter Cora finally remarried. Hallelujah! Doris didn’t think Cora would ever find a man. The only reason she had moved in with Cora was to help her out with raising Marianne, after Cora’s husband died. That was supposed to be temporary.

Don’t get it twisted. She’s loves Cora and Marianne. But Marianne can sure twist a nerve! Just like her mother when she was her age. But she’s supposed to be enjoying her twilight years. And thankfully she can, now that’s she has a new son-in-law. They got married and moved into a new house, and soon after, a new baby, Adriana.

Soon after the ink on their marriage license dried, Doris was in her new home in the retirement village in town. Only a one bedroom, so no overnight visits for Doris. This is a no-kids zone. No way little ones will be jumping and throwing up on her good furniture.

Doris sighed. She was getting impatient; her company was late. While she was waiting, she thought about her life. Doris might be the grumpiest grandmother, but she loved her family. Her daughter had a new family, her sister Donna, who still is living with her family, has a blossoming friendship with the wealthiest widower in town (which Doris thinks is more than that), and Doris still had her health, a good job and a few marbles rolling around in her head.

The doorbell rings. “About damn time,” Doris mumbles on the way to the front door.

“Hey you,” Doris greets with a hand full of her girlfriend’s rump. “You’re late. You know I don’t like to be kept waiting.”

“I’m sorry, Dee. Let me make it up to you.”

“Don’t worry; you will. But first, let me ask you something…”

Once inside, Doris told her partner the reason she asked her over. She asked her if she minded shacking up for a bit. Her girlfriend was saying yes before Doris could finish her question.


– The title is from the song by Aretha Franklin, Freedom.
– I don’t know how Doris came off to you, but let me make it known that Doris is NOT mean. She’s blunt, crass and lacks tact, but she’s not mean. When I began the LC, Doris lived with Cora and Marianne as a live-in babysitter. But Cora met and eventually married Liam Tracy, and Doris moved out in a hurry. She was in a rush to live out her twilight years as a single, carefree woman.
-Right now, I cannot remember her partner’s name. Next time I play the househould, I’ll make sure to write in down. I’ve been using FlashNote (big thanks to Sullivan), but I guess I haven’t played this HH since I’ve began using it.
– I’m behind on updating the resident pages, but Doris the younger sister of Donna Richward, who’s friends with sims who are NOT her age (Genesis & Quinn) shows up to every community lot whenever I’m playing other HHs. I know you’re unemployed Donna, but aren’t you supposed to be at home, babysitting your grandkids? And can’t you find friends your own age?
– Yes, I’ve been MIA for a while. I’ve been caught up in RL (full-time job, full-time student and full-time momma). I’m glad classes will end soon.

4 thoughts on “Let yourself be free

  1. Doris didn’t come off as mean to me at all – just a no-nonsense sort of woman. I look forward to finding out more about her and her mysteriously-named partner! LOL, whenever my Sims hook up with townies, I have to write down their names or else I forget!

  2. The townie hasn’t officially moved in; just a roommate. She’s one of the most oogliest Maxis townies ever created, so there’s no way she’s become playable, even if she’s a elder who will die off soon anyway.

  3. Her hair is absolutely gorgeous! And I didn’t take her for being mean at all! Just like Carla said, a ‘no-nonsense’ type woman.

    I love her apartment, too!

  4. wow! I just saw Meet me at the Altar: Richward-Juarez Wedding and started to read all your posts.[i would surely open again my wordpress to follow yours :))]

    by the way, i think Doris is absolutely wonderful!! I’ve been searching where to find that hair too. (:p well if it’s ok, could you tell me where to download it? THANKS SO MUCH!!!!)

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