Sittin’ on top of the World

FALL 3000: Fontaine
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Genesis Fontaine (19). Also, Donna Richward (64).

Genesis Fontaine is a new transplant from Rockport. For four years, she’s been on her own, after graduating from high school. She took a few classes at University of Rockport, but after a year, she decided it wasn’t for her. She’s already an artist; there was no use tying up money at URock for something that she already knew.

She wanted her own shop that sold all of her wares: her original artwork, photography services and other art decor. Since Laurel Crossing was offering a temporary discount on a business certificate plus the real estate was cheaper, she decided to make the move to the LC.

She found a funky spot in the commercial district in town, so she quickly snatched it. Yes, it was a bit daunting, starting a business at the tender age of 19, but her being emancipated since she was 15 gave a head start in her adult life. Besides, there was nothing tender about Genesis.

Within one week after her grand opening, Genesis immediately secured an appointment for a photo shoot with one of the town’s residents, Donna Richward. For an old lady, she was really cool! Donna made her feel like family. She was very supportive as well. While there for her portrait, she also picked up two of Genesis’s original frames.

Through word of mouth (most likely Donna’s), her business bloomed quickly within the first month. Her most lucrative products were the art decor that she orders through an independent wholesaler in Rockport. He has the toughest time keeping everything in stock to keep up with demand.

Her first two months were awesome in every way, except for her love life. She’s come to realize that the population of young singles were nearly nonexistent. And because she was gay, her options went from nearly to completely. That is, until a cutie walked through her doors window shopping.

Her name was Christy Toyonaga.

It was a lull in the customer traffic, so they talked a good while, and Genesis found out that Christy was a professional athlete. Well, semi-pro. She live in the city, but it was currently off-season and was in town for the day.

Genesis’s attraction toward’s Christy grew with every minute that she spoke with her. But she was unsure if she felt the same way.

Apparently, she does. They hit it off immediately. They ended up going for coffee after Genesis closed for the day. They talked for hours, until the cafe closed.

In the weeks following, Genesis kept in contact with Christy by phone every day. She wasn’t too involved with sports, but she constantly read the sport section to check Christy’s stats and gain some knowledge on the sport of soccer.

Genesis tried to keep from missing Christy so much by concentrating on her store. Business was still booming; she was already listed as a level-5 business in the Laurel Quarterly. But the hour distance to Rockport felt so far away between her and Christy. She decided to do something about it.

Christy was in town for the weekend, when Genesis decided to share her deep feelings for Christy. Christy admitted she was falling hard for Genesis as well.

Everything was going so good for Genesis. She has her own business, made a great friend in Donna and now has the best girlfriend in the world. But she couldn’t help feeling like things were going a bit too well. Oh well. She was just going let it ride for a while.


  • The title is from the song of the same name by Brandy.
  • Christy is (obviously) a townie, from the sporty AL social group. It’s really funny that concidentally, she’s also in the athletic career. I forgot to write down what level.
  • Nothing much happened with Genesis. She is a stellar businesswoman. As stated above, her rank is level-5 and she has received all monetary business perk awards, which paid off her business loan. So she owns her business, free and clear. She sells her original paintings and small sculptures, along with her photography services. But I have the darnest time selling a photo to that customer. I’ll figure it out. Did you know that photos only cost $1!! That’s why she is selling the knick-knacks, to make up the cost.

4 thoughts on “Sittin’ on top of the World

  1. Genesis rocks! Emancipated at 15, owns her own business free and clear at 19! It is a great idea for a business, too. I’m happy she was able to find love too.

  2. Aw, I’m happy Genesis could find someone! They make a cute couple, I think.

    It’s so silly how photographs cost so little. I thought the price was supposed to go up with creativity skill? No?

  3. Ugh, I don’t even have my artist in Apple Valley (Antonio Herendez) sell photos anymore. In the past, if he took a photo, I had him give the photo as a gift along with a more expensive item. Then the customer would send the money to Antonio for the photo.

    Now I simply use SimPE and create photos using the BV travel painting. I don’t have to worry about buggy lots of lost files now.

  4. I wondered about that too. Doris Richward was Gen’s first customer, who bought up a few paintings (that were around $500 a pop) and also did a portrait. I was very disappointed that by the time I got to her household, the picture was no longer there. WTH?!?! I was really looking forward for Genesis to be a photographer. That was going to be her primary product. But due to the buggy, low-priced pics, she’s going to be selling her masterpieces and low-cost deco items. Good thing I have the hack that reduces painting time!

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