Meet me at the Altar

FALL 3000- Quinn Faulkner (nee Faithbucks) (27) and Trent Faulkner (30). Also Donna Richward (64)

It’s wedding time!

Trent Faulkner and Quith Faithbucks were joined in matrimony, Saturday, September 10, 3000.

It was a small, intimate wedding, but the wedding guests would agree, the ceremony was beautiful.

The happy couple had to leave during the reception, however, in order to make their flight to Takemizu Village.

The flight did not agree with Quinn, but once they checked into their hotel, she felt immediately better. In fact, she planned to tell Trent that she had missed her period two weeks ago.

First things first, she told Trent that she wanted some food.

“How can you want some food right now?” Trent asked. “I was thinking that we could get started.”

“Started with what?” she asked.

“On fulfilling my hunger for you,” he said slyly.

Apparently, Quinn agreed.

*                    *                    *

After being holed up in their room for through the next day, they finally utilized the amenities the quaint town had to offer. They had been sightseeing, taken tours and went shopping. They decided to relax in the hot springs next door to their hotel.

“Hey, I was thinking,” Trent spoke to Quinn softly.

“Why are you whispering?” Quinn asked.

“Shh, just listen. When we were shopping, I was talking to the salesperson about what else we could do. I ask her about this place on the map that was unmarked but I distinctly remember seeing a road there on our tour.”

“What did she say?”

“The same B.S. that the tour guide said. ‘There’s nothing there.’ Whatever,” Trent said shaking his head. “Wanna take a hike down there?”

Although Quinn said no, somehow Trent convinced her to tag along with him the next afternoon. They headed out near sunset. After an hour’s walk, they came across a secluded dwelling.

Quinn was immediately apprehensive. “I wonder why this place wasn’t on the map,” Trent mused out loud.

“I don’t know, but why don’t we go. It feels like we’re trespassing,” Quinn urged.

They ended up meeting an old wise man. While Trent was exploring the grounds, Quinn took the time to speak with him. He correctly guessed that something was troubling Quinn. She admitted her concerns about her expecting pregnancy. He laughed it off. “If you are truly in love with one another, why should it matter?”

Wow, that was a simple solution. Why didn’t she think of that?

Night fell and before they left to return to their hotel, the wise old man gave them a parting gift. He shared an ancient tale that left the couple in awe. It gave them a lot to think about on the walk back to the resort.

Once in the lobby, Quinn decided to tell Trent their good news. It turned out that Quinn had nothing to worry about; Trent was estatic!

On the day of their departure, Quinn had a last-minute massage per Trent’s insistence. He said he wanted her fully rested and relaxed on the way home. He was right; she was so relaxed that she fell asleep on the flight almost instantly.

After the shuttle dropped them off at their apartment, Trent stopped her. “I was going to surprise you later, but due to our upcoming arrival I decided to tell you now,” he explained.

He pointed to the townhomes down their street. “Make sure you memorize the numbers 205, because that’s our new address.”

“What? You rented us a house?” Quinn asked.

“Not rented, bought,” he clarified. “I wish I could’ve bought you a bigger house-”

“Trent, I don’t care about all that materal stuff. As long as you love and take care of us, I will not care. I am very appreciative of all that you do.”

Yup, very appreciative.

*                    *                    *

  • The title comes from the song by Jagged Edge of the same name. Pretty self-explanatory.
  • The wedding would not work right! First, Quinn wouldn’t change into her formal wear even though the visitor controller was set to formal; she didn’t change until I selected the altar to get married. Then, no one would enter the chapel. Only Doris Richward (a playable) and some random townie entered the chapel and stayed for the wedding. Their friend and Blake and his wife Deidre as well as other random townies just congregated outside. And then, seconds after they got married and set out the buffet, all but one guest (some random teen townie) left! Just as I figured out that they left and was looking for Trent and Quinn, I found them in their casual wear heading to the vacation shuttle. WTH! This is why I hardly do formal weddings any more. (That reminds me, I have to charge the happy couple for the wedding fee and marriage license fee. Whoops!) After that wedding fiasco, I tried to compensate by showing their honeymoon.
  • Yes, Quinn is pregnant and no, it was not planned. After I decided that I wanted their wedding at night, I had Quinn skill while waiting for Trent to get home from work. I got distracted in RL and didn’t notice Trent arriving home and getting butt naked with Quinn on the couch. By the time I did, they were, um… busy. I thought, since they normally get it on regularly without any interference from me, it’ll be okay as long as she didn’t get preg- damn, there goes the baby chime. So I used the pregnancy scanner and lo and behold, they’re expecting twins (WTF!!). Thank you, Trent’s super-sperm.
  • So now Trent and Quinn are moving to a bigger place and are expecting twins, due in Summer 3001. The chapel, btw, is from beatdoc on her page on LL30 Sims, available here. I hope you enjoyed the update.

10 thoughts on “Meet me at the Altar

  1. Well, the picture that you did get of the wedding is absolutely gorgeous! You should frame that and hang it up in their new house. They’re such a sweet couple.

  2. Yeah, I played around with the features in Paint.NET. I’m still trying to get a hang of it. I tried using your tutorial but I must have done something wrong because it didn’t work. I’ll try again with this picture. Thanks.

  3. I have to say, your pictures are really beautiful! I never would’ve known you had so much trouble getting this wedding to work out! The update was wonderful, and I just had to laugh at the end about them getting pregnant on their own…how funny! I think Quinn is going to be a great Mom. I can’t wait to see the little twins!

  4. Man, I was so mad she got knocked up. T & Q really do get it on like rabbits with no consequence, but the one time I was hoping she did not get pregnant, she did. and they had the nerve to conceive twins. That’s why I did the wedding at night (immediately after the conception) so she wouldn’t get married with a baby bump. I’m glad that the pregnancy doesn’t progress on vacation.

    i’m hoping the twins get the faithbucks nose. I’ll have to do a special post showing the profiles of blake and quinn. they both have long noses with dipped bridges. I really like it; I think it gives good genetic diversity.

  5. LOL! Don’t you love it when sims take control. In Apple Valley, Fiona and Jesse threw me a surprise pregnancy. I missed the whole thing. I play with the sound off so I had no clue until Fiona kept running to the bathroom. Bingo-pregnant!

  6. So true, the wedding picture WAS beautiful! All the pictures were good and pretty hot too.

    Thanks for posting Beatdoc’s link ’cause as soon as I saw that screenshot I was coveting that wedding chapel!

    Community lot weddings/parties can be really aggravating. The same kind of stuff happened when I tried to have a community lot prom–they wouldn’t show, then they left, and they wouldn’t stay in formal clothes. Carla suggested the community lot mod (listed on her page) and she said it works well for her. I’ve finally installed it without visitor controller but haven’t tested it again. (When I used it before I had VC and it didn’t work, can’t remember what the issue was.) But she uses it with no problem she said.

    1. Thanks for catching up Simdale! Earlier in the week I read up your journals, while I was supposed to be working. I like your special time chronology. I tried to have a special one, but I’m thinking that it may have backfired. When it comes time to get immigrants or send emigrants, the only city so far to work with is Chocolate City. I would definitely be messing with the time and space continum (sp?) if I immigrated someone from the year 2011 into the year 3001! Oh well.

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