Switch (Don’t Take No Mess From Nobody)

Fall 3000: Faithbucks household
last update/next update (Quinn)/next update (Blake)
Blake is 28, Quinn is 27. Also Trent Faulkner is 30.

“What’s up, big bro?” Quinn greeted. “Perfect timing, by the way.” It was early evening and she was getting ready to sit down for dinner.

“Just wanted to chat,” Blake replied. “Can’t a brother chit-chat with his baby sister once in a while?”
Quinn gave a flat laugh. “Blake, you never chit-chat. And stop calling me your baby sister,” she chided. “We’re a year apart; we’re more like twins.”
“You’re right; I called to talk to you about… him,” Blake confessed.

Him? Him who? Does him have a name?” Quinn said, voice dripping in sarcasm. “Oh, you mean Trent, my fiance?”
“You know who I mean, Quinn, so cut the attitude.”
“How am I supposed to act, Blake? You not acknowledging him is not going to negate the fact that I am engaged to him, or that my wedding is a week from now.”

“Can’t you listen to reason please?” Blake urged. “He’s not right for you. He’s a bartender for goodness’ sake!”
“Quit being such a snob. That was just a night job,” Quinn insisted. “He works for the Laurel Quarterly.”
“Now! You deserve someone who is successful and-”
“Wow, you sure do sound like someone who grew up privileged. Oh wait. You didn’t. You grew up in an orphanage just like I did.”

“No, you listen-” Blake scoffed, indignant.
“No, you listen.” Quinn’s voice lowered in seriousness. “Unlike yourself, I have not forgotten where I’ve come from. I know that just ten years ago, we were broke, unwanted wards of the state. Knowing where I’ve come from, I’ve learned that a person’s job or status does not define who they are.

“Now, I do not know why you dislike Trent so much, or why he is so undeserving for me. All I know is that he is a kind, caring and loving man who has ambition and intelligence. He is what I deserve.”
Blake was silent, but Quinn continued. “We are in love and we are getting married in a week. As the only family that I have left, I want you to be there and walk me down the aisle. But I will not let you steal my happiness from me.”
Blake sighed. “If you will only see that I am doing what’s best for you,” he said, unrelentant. “It’s for your own good.”

“News flash, Blake. I’m no longer a little girl. I am a grown woman who is capable of making her own decisions, especially on who I should marry. I do not need any consulting, especially from you.”
“But Quinn-”
“Look. I am getting married. To Trent. Deal with it!”
Quinn introduced Blake to the dial tone.


Yay, another post! The title is from TLC’s Switch. I know that the subject is not in the same context as this post, but if you read the lyrics themselves, they match perfectly to the siblings’ relationship right now.

Quick background: Blake and Quinn Faithbucks are brother and sister that grew up with disadvantages. Blake’s now pretty successful: he has a nice house, is married with kids and have good jobs (as bank president and city treasurer).

Blake really doesn’t like Trent. When they first met, every conversion was MINUS, MINUS! Because Trent was in his work clothes (as a bartender) I figured that he didn’t like Trent because of that. Case in point:

LOL! I forgot that I invited Blake to meet Trent (because she was too busy romancing it up) and Trent walked in on them getting cozy on the couch. Blake rejected everything from Trent and Trent called him funky. You can see Quinn telling Blake to be nice or GTFO, hehe.

5 thoughts on “Switch (Don’t Take No Mess From Nobody)

  1. LMAO!! Oh my goodness, the pictures and quick background at the end really put the final touches in there for me. Sims are sooo funny. How Trent told Blake he stank, HAHAHA…I can see Blake being a little snobbish since he’s the Bank President and all; doesn’t make it right, though. I hope this Trent guy does indeed make Quinn happy, and that he’s worth this family disagreement between she and her brother.

  2. Yeah, I laughed my butt off at the immediate dislike by Blake. Literally, every interaction was minus-minus by both of them. And the whole stinky thing, I don’t know where that came from from neither of them have the stinky as a turn-on or -off.

  3. Wow-Blake is a bit snobby. I can’t believe that they hated each other from the start like that. In Apple Valley, Antonio’s father was a bit like that-not snobby in terms of class, but he wanted his son married to an hispanic woman-any hispanic woman.

  4. Can you believe that Blake is a Pleasure sim and Quinn is the Money sim? You wouldn’t know it by the amount of money wants he gets (his secondary is Money). And Quinn hardly gets any money wants. Yes, he is a bit snobby.

  5. You are awesome at writing dialogue, and bringing the characters and story out through it. The part about a person’s job or status not defining who they are was great.

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