Let’s Get This Started

Dimitri Barnes (27). Also Arturo Juarez (65) & Diego Juarez (35).

Dimitri Barnes may be young in age, but he’s ready to prove all those naysayers wrong. Of course, there were going to be some critics- it’s impossible to please everyone. He already caused a small uproar with his city council appointments. But that’s their hangup, not his.

His term officially begins in January, but it was apparent that the city of Laurel Crossing was in dire straits. So he reported to his post in September, without pay.

Laurel Crossing’s main problem was lack of development. Concidentially, a fellow alumnus of University of Rockport was in the real estate development business, so he decided to call him up.

He only met Diego Juarez a few times, but he’d always gotten a good impression from him. He was second-generation owner of Juarez Developments, which he took over the daily operations once his father, Arturo, retired. They were based in Rockport, the closest metropolitan to Laurel Crossing.

Dimitri made some small talk, including mentioning their commercials on television. But soon, he came to the point. He proposed that the city contracted them to build the government buildings. And, if they considered establishing an office in town, it could open up a lot of business for them.

“Well, the offer sounds pleasing,” Arturo said.
“We have been considering expanding to business to include residential,” Diego said. “But we can easily do that by not moving from Rockport.”

“I understand that,” Dimitri agreed, “which is why I will include some tax breaks for your company to relocate here. Say for 5% instead of the standard 10% tax rate, for three months.”
“We want 3% for two years and no BC,” Diego countered.
“Five percent for six months and half of the BC,” Dimitri returned. “And that is my final offer, gentlemen. Remember, we have more development space than the city. And unfortunately, you are not the only construction company in Rockport.”

Dimitri waiting patiently while Diego and Arturo discussed the deal. “We could relocate the headquarters here, and the construction company will definitely thrive here,” Diego said to his father.
“You’re the head of this company, son; it’s ultimately your decision. I am only here as an advisor,” Arturo replied.

“I would like to think about this a little longer,” Diego said.
“Of course! Sleep on it and let me know,” Dimitri agreed, standing up.

“I appreciate you offering the opportunity,” Diego said.
“Not a problem,” Dimitri said, shaking his hand. “You’re a fellow Mustang. We’ve got to stick together.”
Finally! My first official post into the lives of Laurel Crossing. Yay me!
-School has begun for the spring semester now, so that means I will be limited in my playing time. I will try to post as often as I can.
-In between my resident journals, I will also post my game play notes. I am really excited about posting my tax collection notes. I have already shared with another mayor and I am curious to see if it will work for other cities.
-The titles of my resident journals will be titles or excerpts of real songs, to help distinguish between the other posts.
-As always, you can always contact me at the city’s email address:
cityoflaurelcrossing@gmail.com. Thanks for reading!

5 thoughts on “Let’s Get This Started

  1. I love how you’re doing your construction planning. I enjoyed this update seeing the history of this construction company and the terms they’re negotiating makes it a really nice start!

  2. You are really setting the stage for the city, Mayor Barnes. You are right, when you are in a powerful position it is hard to please everyone. Look forward to hearing more of how things are going. I have been out of touch with the SUN hoods due to the amount of work I am putting into establishing the city, but let’s make sure we stay in touch.

    Mayor Demonde Luke

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