Gameplay Notes: Career Entry Requirements

Since I haven’t had any playing time due to my husband hogging my computer, I’ll be giving some appetitizers: I’m posting some of my gameplay notes.

The list below shows my career entry requirements. Although there are some career fields that I feel do not require a degree, there are no fields that require one for all levels. The closest ones are Medicine and Science (which begin at level 3) and Journalism (which begins at level 2).

Career Field Entry Level, No Degree Required Degree Required Additional Entry Requirements
Adventurer 1-10 no  
Architecture 1-4 5-10  
Artist 1-10 no  
Athletic 1-10 no  
Business 1-3 4-10  
Criminal 1-10 no must start no higher than level 1
Culinary 1-5 6-10  
Dance 1-10 no  
Education 1-3 4-10  
Entertainment 1-10 no  
Gamer 1-10 no  
Intelligence 1-4 5-10 must start no higher than level 5
Journalism 1 2-10  
Law 1-4 5-10  
Law Enforcement 1-10 no must start no higher than level 2
Medicine 1-2 3-10  
Military 1-10 no must start no higher than level 1
Music 1-10 no  
Natural Science 1-3 4-10  
Oceanography 1-5 6-10  
Paranormal 1-10 no  
Politics 1-5 6-10  
Science 1-2 3-10  
Show Business 1-10 no  
Slacker 1-10 no  

I do not have the harderjobs hack or any other mod that limits the availability of obtaining jobs, but I do prevent unqualified promotions by SimPE, boolprop or SimBlender. Since I have the hack that removes friend requirements, I also just block skill gains to prevent promotions (unless they get one through career chance cards).

9 thoughts on “Gameplay Notes: Career Entry Requirements

  1. I have not had the instance of an unqualified promotion yet, and really had no idea how I would fix it, if it happens…now I see that you can use SimBlender? I have that in my game. I should probably check out more of it’s options.

  2. When it comes to manually giving jobs to sims, I usually use SimBlender, instead of Monique’s computer. Not only can you set which career, you can set which level. If my sims get a promotion through a chance card, I just figure that that sim obtained that promotion through hardwork.

    You may have noticed that I included the Culinary career needing a degree. The “degree” in this case is a degree from “culinary” school, hehe.

  3. Yeah, I set all my caps at 2, but Military has the most..I think it’s at 4; in case I ever roll that ‘war ROS’. 😛 I want to fill all the Maxis careers first, then I can concentrate on building the sim-owned business side of things, with no Maxis careers to Sims will have to work for other Sims.

  4. Interesting, I was just telling green that I was revamping my educational system and career requirements. I need to get that hack for no friends needed for careers. Apple Valley doesn’t have enough sims sometimes to fulfill career requirements…unless you’re friends with every sim in the hood.

  5. Question for you. You mentioned in the BTS Apple Valley blog

    As far as degrees go, I was planning to count each semester as one year. So for Associates, students do two semesters, for Bachelors four semesters, for Masters additional two semesters and Doctorates/PHDs, additional two semesters. So if a student wanted to be a doctor, they would go for eight semesters (8 years).

    How would you make it so that students have a memory of going to university when they withdraw from school early? Is this where the SimSlice hack comes in?

    1. **cross posted on BTS AV**

      I use the “College Cheat Sheet” from SimSlice (check out the booty). Once they finish the assignment, they graduate with a 4.0 and get the educated memory. I change the gpa to reflect their actual gpa either thru SimPe or use the counterfeit diploma from ChristianLov (sp?) from MTS2. The cheat sheet also gives the extra hours after “graduation”.

      For your correspondence students, you can use the counterfeit diploma. You can set the gpa and the major (only maxis major though) and they get the educated memory and a diploma in their inventory. I’m been using this hack since University.

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