Council Members Appointments

Mayor Dimitri Barnes has announced his first round of appointments.

Deputy Mayor

Summer Frazier
Deputy Mayor
Department of Public Services

Executive Director

Tiffany Zarubin
Executive Director
Department of Health and Sim Services


Amelia Meade
Department of Education

Mayor Barnes is still hard at work in filling the remaining open seats on the city council: City Treasurer, City Supreme Court Judge and City Secretary.

4 thoughts on “Council Members Appointments

  1. Actually, all of the positions have been filled, but for some reason SimPe is not showing their sim portraits so I can’t extract it. I guess I’ll have to take an in-game mugshot.

  2. ((I hate when that happens. That’s why I changed over to screen-capturing my Sim portraits at the Simology Office in-game. Plus, I don’t have to wait for SimPE to load my hood anymore.))

    Congrats on the new Council Members. My office will take note of who to contact for future business, etc.

    Mayor Sabien Cunningham, Sr.

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