Town Crier-Fall 3000 Vol. 1

The Office of the Mayor would like the residents of Laurel Crossing to know that appointments to the City Council are currently being made and will be announced soon.

The expected council seats are:

  • Deputy Mayor, Department of Public Services
  • Superintendent, Department of Education
  • Executive Director, Department of Health & Sim Services
  • City Treasurer, Department of City Treasury
  • City Supreme Court Judge, Department of Law & Justice
  • City Secretary, Department of Archives

All other appointments will be announced when available.

3 thoughts on “Town Crier-Fall 3000 Vol. 1

  1. You have made a great start! I love how Dimitri isn’t your normal “Mayor” and he is going to shake things up. I love how your council seats are set up too. Since we just hired our Administrative Assistant I am going to have her take over the Archives also. That was a good idea.

    Your Laurel Quarterly looks really good so far. I am liking the setup. Would you mind if I have Eric Roberts, our Chief Editor, contact you via email for an interview so we can add you to the Chocolate Tribune for our next Seasonal update?

    1. To Mayor Luke:

      Mayor Barnes has agreed to the interview. However, due to time constraints, he is unable to conduct the interview on the phone. If Mr. Roberts is able to send his interview questions via email, it will be greatly appreciated. If possible, we could also reciprocate. Our quarterly newsletter, the Laurel Quarterly, will publish it’s first issue tentatively in December. Mayor Barnes is very excited on the prospect of particpating in the existing network of neighboring cities.

      You may contact him at, with ATTN: OFFICE OF THE MAYOR in the subject line. He looks forward to the interview.

      Sarah McCarthy, City Secretary

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