Where to Attend: University of Rockport

University of Rockport (motto: I Rock, URock, We Rock!)

URock is located in the heart of Rockport, a metropolis located an hour from the LC. It has been in existence for nearly three centuries and is the one of the oldest universities in the Stone Province.

Degrees offered

  • Associates in Arts, Sciences, and Business
  • Bachelor’s in Arts, Fine Arts, Sciences, Business and Education
  • Master’s in Arts, Fine Arts, Sciences, Business and Education
  • Doctorate in Arts, Fine Arts, Science, Business, Law, Medical, Philosophy and Education

Cost of Attendance

The cost of tuition is dependent on where your residence is. For students who are residents of Rockport, tuition is $1,500 per semester. All non-residents, regardless of distance, will pay $2,500 per semester.

Degree programs

  • Associates: Residents ($6,000)/Non-Residents ($10,000)
  • Bachelor: Residents ($12,000)/Non-Residents ($20,000)
  • Masters: Residents ($6,000)/Non-Residents ($10,000)
  • Doctorate: Residents ($12,000)/Non-Residents ($20,000)

Other costs of attendance include room and board. There are several residence halls on campus, varying in style and location. Housing costs are $1,200 per semester (I have the College Isn’t Free hacks. Per this collection, $1000 for tuition and $200 for room and board is billed when the mail is delivered).

It is mandatory for non-residents to live in the dorms for their first two years. All other Rockport residents and upperclassmen are permitted to live off-campus if they chose to. There are plenty of housing options, such as private apartments and rental homes, to choose from.

For example, if a student is a LC resident who wishes to obtain a doctorate, then he/she will incur the following over 8 years of study, assuming he/she resides in the residence halls for the entire duration:

Tuition              $40,000
Room/Board    __9,600
Total               $49,600

The above cost is an estimate and does not include the price of books and other personal costs.


URock’s ideal applicant would be well-rounded. Besides academic excellence, proficiency in extracurricular activities and/or employment is strongly desired.

The minimum GPA required is a C average, with an SPAT score of 15, with 12 points minimum CSE. The core skill set should reflect the desired program.

  • Arts/Fine Arts (Cooking, Creativity, Body, Charisma)
  • Business/Education (Charisma, Creativity, Logic)
  • Science (Mechanical, Logic, Cleaning)

For example, if a student is planning to major in biology, then out of the CSE 12, he or she ideally would have at least 3 points each in the mechanical, logic and cleaning skills. Having corresponding skills is not required, but that applicant will have a higher chance of admittance if they do, especially if the CIE is in health and CHE is in science also.

A letter of recommendation (overachiever memory) can be supplied with the application, but is not required. Essays are not required, unless specified by a scholarship application.

Special Admissions

The Vanguard School of  the Arts was initially founded independently over 60 years ago. Vanguard has always had a partnership with URock, as its students took prerequisite courses on URock’s campus. In 2975, however, Vanguard officially became part of the University of Rockport system.

Students wishing to apply for a fine arts program must apply separately to Vanguard, in addition to URock. The application process differs slightly from the standard admission process.

Admission requirements

  • Art: portfolio of works
  • Culinary Arts: submission of recipe (cooking contest)
  • Dance: live audition or unedited video of performance
  • Fashion Design: portfolio of designs
  • Graphic Arts: portfolio of graphic designs
  • Interior Design: portfolio of designs
  • Music (instrumental): live audition or unedited video of performance
  • Music (vocal): live audition or unedited video of performance
  • Photography: portfolio of works
  • Radio/TV/Film: submission of taped performance
  • Theater: live audition or unedited video of performance

Applicants accepted into Vanguard will also be considered URock students and may reside on campus. Standard on-campus housing requirements apply.

Admission to Vanguard is highly selective, with acceptance rates among the lowest in SimNation.

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