Where to Attend: Meade College

Meade College (motto: For Excellence in Scholarship)

Citizens in the Stone Province voted to establish a university that would have high academic standards and be part of the Académie Society. It was initially planned to construct the campus within the provincial capital of Rockport; however, after great debate it was determined that the city did not have adequate space within its limits.

After deciding that a suburban environment would be more beneficial, the Académie Society found Laurel Crossing to be the ideal location for the new institution. It is a small but growing town, and it is easily accessible to the capital city. It also proved beneficial for the LC, as its residents would now have a university locally.

Construction began in 3001 and was originally slated to become Académie La Roche.  But with the sudden death of Amelia Meade, the LC’s superintendent, the main advocate for bringing the university to the LC and major proponent of alien rights, the LC’s city council moved to rename the school in her honor, and the Society accepted.

Construction completed late 3002, and the campus will begin accepting junior and senior transfer students at the beginning of the following year. In the fall of 3003, Meade College is slated to officially enroll its pioneer class.


Like other institutions in the Académie Society, Meade has higher than average academic standards when accepting students. The average admitted student has an A- GPA and 25 SPAT (14 CSE minimum). Thus, the minimum requirements for applying to Meade are a B+ GPA and 20 SPAT.

Other factors determining admission are letters of recommendation, awards & accomplishments, admissions essay and a satisfactory admissions interview. The core skill set should reflect the desired program.

  • Arts/Fine Arts (Cooking, Creativity, Body, Charisma)
  • Business/Education (Charisma, Creativity, Logic)
  • Science (Mechanical, Logic, Cleaning)

Meade offers Bachelor’s degrees in the above areas. At this time, Meade does not offer Associates or any post-baccalaureate degrees.

Admissions process

  • Submit admission packet (application, essay, letters of recommendation)
  • Schedule and have admission interview.
  • If accepted, submit financial aid application
  • Financial aid award letter
  • Receive housing assignment

Cost of Attendance

Meade College is a private institution, where tuition rates are the same for all students, regardless of residency status. Thus, the tuition is $5,000 per semester and includes room and board. First- and second-year students are required to live on-campus; on-campus requirements do not apply for upperclassmen students. Upperclassmen can opt to stay in the residence halls, however, there are university-owned apartments available.

Notable Extras

Meade has a FENSA (credit to Simmington Hills) university chapter. To qualify for membership, applicants must have a level 10 in all skills. Each inductee will receive a one-time award of $20,000.

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