Where to Attend: International University System

International University System

For over two hundred years, students in SimNation have taken opportunities to study abroad. There are three schools in the IU system, and each school specializes in certain programs.

  • International University at Takemizu Village (fine arts= art, music, dance, art history; literature, philosophy, dead languages, modern languages)
  • International University at Three Lakes (science, engineering, military science, political science, astronomy, physics)
  • International University at Twikki Island (oceanography, archaeology, natural science)


Applying to an academic abroad program in the IUS is somewhat similar to SimNation, except that only current college students can apply. Only applications for sophomore and junior years will be accepted. Applicants must have a 3.0 GPA and 15 CSE, and can only enroll in a program to which they are already enrolled at their home school. For example, a political science major cannot study another program other than political science at an IUS school.

Cost of Attendance

Students will pay the current tuition rate of their home school; thus, all payments must be paid in full at the beginning of each year (rather than semester), with the exception of financial aid students. All other costs, including transportation and supplies, are not included.

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